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Kim Little

I will GIVE YOU 400 Solos For Free. No Catch!


400 Solos on TOP PERFORMING Sites I Endorse & Use

Can I give you 400 Solo Ads for FREE
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Join Instant Cash Promo Codes for free, 
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Regular Solo Ad on each site sells for $3.97 USD

Banners, Buttons, and Text Links sell for $1.97 each

That's $3952 in Ads + Credits You Get for $30.00 USD!!!

The ICPC Gold Upgrade is $20.00 USD
if purchased through the ORU Marketplace

or Direct Pay through Zelle or Google Pay

WARNING:  If you intend to upgrade to GOLD on Instant Cash Promo Codes, DO NOT FILL OUT THE DOWNLINE BUILDER AS A FREE MEMBER - it overwrites your entries when your unique promo codes are added!  I found out the hard way!  

Preferred Payment Method - ORU Marketplace

The next step to ICPC Gold is to sign up for ORU Marketplace.  Once I receive the ICPC Gold payment of $20, I will upgrade your ICPC account so you can receive your 80 promo codes

NOTE:  You do NOT need the ICPC Gold upgrade to join these sites as a free member and receive the standard 5 pack with Promo Code newmember.  Just using this promo code, you will receive 400 solo ads, banners, buttons, Textlinks, and a ton of credits.

The ICPC Gold upgrade gives you an ADDITIONAL 5 Pack on each site that will make this a total of 800 solo ads, banners, buttons, textlinks, and a massive amount of credits to use with the credit mailer.

I prefer ORU, for many reasons:

  • One purpose for this promotion is to drive signups to ORU 
  • ORU  does not charge TRANSACTION FEES to the sellers
  • Other payment methods DO CHARGE FEES
    Remember - DO NOT SELL STUFF on safelists 

    Use SAFELISTS to BUILD YOUR LIST using Landing Pages for LEAD CAPTURE

    SELL YOUR STUFF to your LIST, on ORU Marketplace, Classified Ads, WorldProfit Marketplace, or Local/worldwide Ad Boards

  • ORU gives YOU the ability to PAY and GET PAID without Paypal (who has limited over 12,000 accounts so far this year, putting many marketers OUT OF BUSINESS)
  • Your cost for the ICPC Gold Upgrade with ORU is only $20

Alternative Payment Methods

  • Alternative payment methods involve MANUAL TRANSACTION VERIFICATION
  • Alternative payment methods may charge transaction fees

  • Because ORU is required for you to take payments for the Instant Cash Promo Codes Gold Upgrade, without ORU you will not be able to promote Instant Cash Promo Codes to earn commissions unless YOUI p;rovide alternatives like Zelle or Google Pay!!!


WARNING:  If you intend to upgrade to GOLD on Instant Cash Promo Codes, DO NOT FILL OUT THE DOWNLINE BUILDER AS A FREE MEMBER - it overwrites your entries when your unique promo codes are added!  I found out the hard way!  

Safelist members should not SELL STUFF on safelists.  Build your list using safelists promoting only landing pages, and SELL PRODUCTS and SERVICES to your LIST...


ORU Marketplace, Classified Ads boards, or  WorldProfit Marketplace.

So, as you can see, you also get a fee-free venue to sell your stuff (unlimited): ORU Marketplace.

Multiple Streams of Income Programs I recommend:

  • WorldProfit - everything you need to start and grow your home business: Training, Tools, and Traffic Source, Done-For-You products and services, Sales Closing Assistance 24x7
  • GDI Team Elite – As a member of GDI Team Elite, you will get 6 paid members in your downline free, team leadership training, free collective advertising system, our team works together to build downlines for each and every member!
  • AIOP - Unlimited autoresponder, hosting, and so many other features.
  • EasyCash4Ads - Unique, astounding capture pages, list builder and lead magnets
  • ReferralFrenzy – Powerful mailing in just a few clicks to over 110 sites with a huge monthly traffic package
  • ViralURL – Earn instant income, shorten, track, cloak, and list build on autopilot
  • ... and others

Here is the Value of this Total Advertising Package

80 Promo Codes with the ICPC Gold Upgrade:

400 Solo Ads

400 Banners

400  Buttons

400 Text Links

The Promo Code newmember (Value $136.50) on each site consists of

Credits that can be traded for ads or mailer credits

5 Solos

5 Banners

5 Buttons

5 Textlinks

Total Value of this package is Over $4,000

Why THESE Sites?

ACTIVE Membership

Attentive Admin

Great Selection of Advertising Options

Great OTO, Upgrade, and SuperSolo Packages

These sites are in the ICPC Massive Downline Builder


Here is How to Join and Pay Direct

(Click the Banner - Be sure to Clear Cookies on your Browser First)

Gold Upgrade $20.00 with ORU, Zelle or Google Pay

Join ORU Marketplace with code TOM7622

Get the app from Zelle or Google Play Store

Since we verify all payments you can send the $20 direct.

Pay $20 with Zelle to 256.254.0441 

Pay $20 with Google Pay to 

Send an email to with the information below

  • This site Name: Instant Cash Promo Codes Gold Direct Payment
  • Payment Method: ORU, Zelle or Google Pay
  • Amount of purchase:  $20.00 USD
  • Your Username on Instant Cash Promo Codes

and we will add your payment, upgrade etc.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!