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DO NOT REPORT PAYMENT/PURCHASE ISSUES USING CHAT!  There is no tracking on those tickets!

All of my sites will accept direct payments.  Upgrades and ad purchases must be manually installed so there may be a delay of up to 24 hours.  For Ad packs associated with an upgrade you will receive a one-time use, unique promo code that can be redeemed to install your ads.

Direct Payments using Credit/Debit Cards with Stripe, ORU Marketplace, or other listed payment methods will be accepted 

Help with making a payment?

If you are having a problem making your payment for upgrade etc.,
many marketers now prefer to pay direct.

A good idea since pay processors can be tricky

Here is the solution - Pay Direct:


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Frank Salinas Extreme Private List Solos 1 for $99

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Frank Salinas Extreme Private List Solos 2 for $188
- Save $10

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Frank Salinas Extreme Private List Solos 3 for $270
- Save $27

 Pay Using Debit/Credit

Since we verify all payments you can send the funds direct

Pay above then submit help ticket below

Just add a note that includes:

  • This site Name = FS Solos
  • What the payment is for
  • Credit/debit card number,
  • Expiration date,
  • CVV,
  • Amount of purchase

and we will add your payment, upgrade etc.


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